Lynn Allen’s Famous Cell Phone Story

Whatever the subject, Autodesk evangelist and fellow Cadalyst writer Lynn Allen always gives a very entertaining and informative presentation. If you attend one and you’re lucky, you might get to hear this now infamous story.

This footage was taken at Autodesk University, Las Vegas, November 2006.

Sorry the sound’s not the best, you may need to turn it up a bit.

YouTube Link


  1. Best



    Lynn is pretty great at thinking on her feet, I wish I was half as funny as her. 😀

  2. Lynn is the BEST!

    Something for all speakers and educators to learn from!

  3. Lynn is awesome!

    Something for all speakers and educators to learn from!

  4. Funny, I left the previous post today, Feb 29th and it’s dated tomarrow. How time flies(;-)

  5. The times and dates shown on this blog are accurate here in Western Australia. 🙂

  6. Seems different from your previous posts. Did YOU write this post, or someone else did? Anyway, I think your readers really enjoyed reading it.

  7. Yes, I wrote this post! If anyone other than me ever writes on this blog I’ll be sure to make it clear.

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