AutoCAD on Linux – Video

Lots of people get excited at the prospect of AutoCAD running under Linux. I’m not one of those people, but for those of you that are, here’s a video from a Linux enthusiast that shows AutoCAD running in an environment that’s doing all kinds of cool geeky stuff. It’s not mine and it’s from October 2006:

YouTube Link

Cool if you like that kind of thing, that is. I think the effects would drive me mad after a short period of dorkoid enthusiasm, but of course being Linux it would all be under complete user control.

Before you get too excited, I should point out that this is AutoCAD 2000, that is, software from last century. It’s running on Ubuntu Dapper with XGL installed and it required the copying of DLLs around from a Windows installation. It’s not supported (of course), and there’s no way of seeing what the real-world drafting performance and reliability is like. It’s a cool fun exercise for somebody with far more nerdish street cred than myself, but it’s not an environment I would use to earn a living.


  1. I want dowload autocad for Linux
    Please, tell me about dowload link
    thanks very much

  2. there is no linux distro of autocad he ported a windows instal onto linux and probally used wine or crossover. have better luck with running vbox in com mode, wouldnt recommend unless your a die hard linux fan. which i would think they already would be doing that.

  3. install ubuntu-> then vmware >.. install xp pro under vmware > then install vnc on the xp pro vmware OS.. then just poll the xp pro vm using vnc viewer. that’s the only thing i can think about running autocad 2009 onto linux OS..

  4. Cad-admin, I’d ask you to clarify but it wouldnt probably do too much good because of limited space. hop over to AUGI and send ccowgill a message that has this in more detail, I would be quite interested in figuring it out.

  5. ACad on Linux just doesn’t work well enough to use it on mission critical projects. Been there done that.

  6. We have solutions for running AutoCAD on Linux. See our site

  7. Bricscad for linux is an implementation of Bricscad v6 (dwg 2004) using wine. No need to install Windows (as virtual machine requires.)

    Some people even is running Briscad V9 (DWG 2009) for Windows, using wine or crossover (prefered).
    Native Bricscad for Linux is coming in this next year as is read in their website.

    Bricscad hardware requirements are far below than Autocad’s so this is the reason is a better solution than try to run autocad 2009 inside linux.
    Compatibility is great, near 100% (interface, file format, etc)

  8. site is FAKE.

    is NOT AUTOCAD, is other CAD

    how can i have AUTOCAD FOR LINUX direct on Ubuntu. no patches, no gizmos, no hocus-pocus geek method?

  9. You can install Autocad in linux and many other programs with more than decent results using VirtualBox. What VirtualBox basically does it’s a virtual partition in linux (mine it’s 10 Gb) where you must firstly install Windows and than other programs. In VirtualBox Autocad works far more better than using wine, a program that allows you to run windows programs directly under linux.

  10. However, if you are running it in virtualbox, it still requires you to have a windows license, and if you want anything to do with a domain network, forget it, it is so unbearably slow it isnt worth it.

  11. Why even bother installing Virtual Box. Just have a dual boot system with Windoze to run ACAD. I’d love to see Autodesk get their shit together but it’s never going to happen. That company continues to suck worse and worse.

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