Have you seen Shaan shorn?

I was intrigued to see Autodesk personality and fellow blogger Shaan Hurley posting a photo with his long-standing facial fuzz removed. Shaan may be moving in the opposite direction to myself (I’m getting hairier with age), but personally I don’t think he has gone far enough. I would like to see Shaan sporting a chrome dome. What do you think?

Shaan Shorn

Original image © 2008 Shaan Hurley.


  1. OUCH!!!!


    You have gone way too far… 😉
    This altered image makes me cringe.


  2. Hey Steve,

    I have to agree with you! Shaan would look GREAT with a chrome dome ;-)… Come on Shaan, go for it!!!


    Bud 😉

  3. Hey, it’s Mini-Me!

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