I like Adobe a lot more now

If you haven’t found the Dear Adobe gripe site yet, have a look. Some of the comments are moronic, most are strongly worded, some are sarcastic, and some are just precious. How has Adobe reacted to being publicly blasted like this? Very well. Read what John Nack, Adobe’s Photoshop Principal Product Manager, has to say about it on his blog. Also, see how he has responded to many of the comments on his blog posting. Good stuff!

How would the good people at Autodesk react to dearautodesk.com? Would they ignore it? Would they pretend that the existing “constructive feedback only” mechanisms are adequate to allow their customers to get their points across? Would they send in a pack of lawyers, attempt to close it down and live with the inevitable consequences? Or would they, like Adobe, cooperate with the site owners and use it as a valuable resource?


  1. It seems that they often ignore the gripes on the news-boards. Sometimes they comment, but well, most of the time it seems to be a gripe fest there.

  2. I think it would be ignored, and if it grew to the point of something like this ( http://comcastmustdie.com/ ), then they might try to shut it down.

    I have no basis for that opinion other than that is my perception of Autodesk right now.

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