I haven’t seen AutoCAD 2010…


That means I’m free to speculate about it in public. There have already been a few hints dropped here and there. Stronger 3D, parametric 3D? Does that just mean adding the missing 3rd dimension to dynamic blocks, or more? What else?

If you’re in the right spot at the right time at Autodesk University, you will probably find out a lot more. In the meantime, I’d be interested to hear your speculation about what’s going to be in 2010, and find out what you’d like to be in it. Also, what don’t you want to see?

Please add your comments, but not if it involves breaking a non-disclosure agreement. I’m hoping to hear from people who don’t know what’s in 2010, because I think that would be an interesting exercise, particularly with the benefit of hindsight in a few months’ time.


  1. I’d like to see easier editing of 3D solids. I’m still using R2007 where grip editing doesn’t work on all objects and the stretch command only moves the entire object. I’m tired of erasing and redrawing an object when I can’t figure out an easy way to modify it. 3D editing should be as easy as 2D editing.

  2. I need/expect/demand a “None” selection be added to 2010’s overlay schemes.

  3. I would like to see some additional functionality added to visual lisp, or to lisp that allows some of the newer features to be easily modified, specifically mleaders. I also would like to be able to run spell check programmatically again and for spell check to recognize punctuation as part of a word like back in 05. In our office (TYP.) is correct TYP. is not. Fixing alot of the broken features would be very nice.

  4. We need some real, decent polyline and spline editing tools. PEDIT is a joke and has been since, well, forever. Adding a simple vertex is just absurdly hard. We need real Bezier curves with tangential grips like in Illustrator and every other vector-based app out there.
    Parametrics are cool, but I’d really like to see something similar to AutoCAD Architecture’s anchoring system, specifically the curtain wall/door-window assy system that allows you to evenly divide spaces intelligently and dynamically.
    Heck, I’d just love to see WIPEFOUT actually work for a change.

  5. Why are Autodesk pursuing 3D in vanilla Acad? They have just killed off MDT which was way ahead of anything in Acad vanilla and if you are serious about 3D there is Inventor albeit at additional cost.

    I’d like to see some real improvements any where and for them to give up tinkering with the user interface for the sake of changing something.

  6. They could really find a clue or two in the way ESRI’s ArcMap edits polyline/polygon geometry. Their Modify Feature and Reshape feature modes are pretty simple.

    At least I’d like to be able to add an arc segment and/or fillet at a single vertex.

  7. I heard 2010 maybe a VISTA only product ?
    Has Anyone seen a Reccommended Specification yet ?
    When’s the Trial version available?
    Should we skip 2010,11 and 12 ROFL

  8. 2010 a Vista-only product? I don’t think so. With XP users still outnumbering Vista users by more than 3 to 1, Autodesk would not be that silly. How many Microsoft products are Vista-only?

  9. I would like an option to keep the original object after subtracting it!

  10. what about a polyline that combines features of a regular polyline (has arcs but x,y coordinates only) and 3d poly (x,y,z coordinate but no arcs).

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