Who is this person?

The first person to identify the pixellated personage below will win a virtual doughnut. Bonus sprinkles will be provided if anyone can identify the other people, the event, the location and the year.

Mystery person

Picture courtesy of Donnia Tabor-Hanson (CADMama), from this thread in the AUGI Coffee Without CAD forum. I encourage you to read that thread and see if you can contribute to the idea it is promoting, but not until you’ve had a guess here! Readers of that thread and the people appearing in the photo should recuse themselves. Over to you!

Edit: lots of right answers (which I’ve now unhidden). Well done, Owen!


  1. circa ’95? LAT, LA, and DH (using initals so I don’t ruin it for everyone else).

  2. I’ve hidden answers to avoid spoiling the fun. I’ll hide other answers as I see them. When I eventually restore them, they will reappear in the same order they were submitted.

  3. Hi, This is Autodesk Queen – Lynn Allen . . .

  4. looks like Lynn Allen to me. I like jelly please!

  5. Lynn Allen, David Harrington, and a very happy gift winner to the left.

  6. Looks like Lynn Allen to me.

  7. i’m guessing that is lynn allen. of course the non-pixelated faces are that of former AUGI president LeAnne Thurmond (who married Ed Holcombe years ago) and former AUGI president David Harrington.

  8. Well done all, that one was too easy. Owen, here is your prize:


    Er, sorry, I was feeling a bit peckish.

  9. that looks like an Architectural Desktop, so the phohto should be around ’98. Is there a complete doughnut for whoever says which release was that?

  10. By all means, supply as much information as you wish. I’ll see what I can do about rustling up another doughnut.

  11. Donnia aka CADMama

    That pic is from AU 1998.

  12. Thanks, Donnia!

    Guillermo, this is for you if you can tell us the release:

    Yum yum

  13. ADT 1.0 was released in October 1998, so that should be it. My first ADT was 2.0, and I remember it had a similar box to the one in the photograph, but I believe that was released during 1999.

  14. I believe pixellated person is Lynn Allen in 2000.

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