1. Yeah I love it too, we are already two!

  2. Dude…That might fly in frisco, but I’m not so sure about Oregon, and East coast, I wanna see the look on J.B. face…

  3. Forget about the money…that pink logo would make me switch platforms in a heartbeat! It may know it’s sexuality, but so do I…and homey don’t play that game!

  4. I LIKE it! I have shoes that match PERFECTLY.

  5. I don’t think a second should be spent mking stuff work on IE6 any more!

  6. Oh, it still works on IE6. It’s just not a good look for Autodesk.

  7. When I see something written in Comic Sans I can’t avoid thinking of an invoice for a plumbing repear amounting for around 9000$ casually written in Comic Sans, it was a bad joke. Well maybe it was the plumber’s son the computer operator, and Comic Sans is so cool.

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