Best and worst AutoCAD features ever – polls

Using your suggestions and a few of my own, I have added two polls for you to select what are, in your opinion, the best and worst features ever added to AutoCAD. To help us find The Answer, there are 42 items in each poll, from which you can choose up to three.

A few items (e.g. Action Recorder) made it into both lists, while several items in the ‘worst’ list (e.g. 2012 Array, Ribbon, Annotative Scaling) were suggested multiple times. It will be interesting to see how the poll results pan out.


  1. The best command ever was DDEDIT. Before then you had to re-type the entire Paragraph if you misspelled anything or if a tiny piece of information changed.

  2. In your polls, you have a query entitled “What is your relationship to Autodesk?”. Under that heading I suggest you add “Shareholder”, as those are definitely the folks that Autodesk management seeks to satisfy first.

    Once we all become shareholders, we will get far more enjoyment out of sending in subscription payments, and we can all happily sing along when Autdoesk hits the chorus: “It’ll be fixed in the next release!”

    Of course, once we all become shareholders, we can then change the business model of constant ‘upgrades’ and annual subscription offerings … hmmmm ….

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