Ghent 2017 – People

Here are some pictures of some people I met during my recent visit attending the Bricsys press event in Ghent. There is an extensive and revealing interview with the Bricsys CEO and COO coming up once I finish transcribing it, hang in there!


  1. Always great to see you, Steve!

  2. Oops. Those old guy gray whiskers tell me that I’m far behind in birthday wishes. I’ll get back on schedule eventually. – Bill

  3. Thanks Steve. It was fun hanging out with you. Hope we can do it again someday, somewhere. I’m working on my post. It’s coming soon!

  4. I’m happy you enjoyed my home town! Where else in the world can you find standing architecture for every major period from Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modernism, Bauhaus, etc… the intellectual foundation for BricsCAD BIM…

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