AutoCAD 2009 – The Prequel Part 14 – What do you think?

I’m interested in people’s perceptions of the forthcoming AutoCAD release. Based on what you’ve seen so far, how good a release do you think it will be? Please speculate using the poll on the right. If you feel the poll doesn’t give you the opportunity to adequately express yourself, feel free to add a comment here.

I intend to follow this up in a few months with a similar poll when people have had a chance to use the shipping product. It’s not scientific, but it will be interesting to see if actually using the product changes people’s opinions.

4 comments to AutoCAD 2009 – The Prequel Part 14 – What do you think?

  • Tim Mollohan

    I’ve always changed the background color to a light shade. In the pre paperspace days (for those old enough to remember) I did this to more accurately visualize color plotting. I guess I’ve gotten use to that over the years. This particular shade seems a little too close to the background color of the block editor. Has that changed with this release? I will likely go with a light shade of grey similar to the ribbon panel background.

  • Steve

    The new UI is going to be hard to implement in the office. It is just too different for what most are used to. I am excited for a lot of the new features though.

  • Tim, I’ll answer your question as a full post.

  • It will look and feel like a “modern application” to users new to AutoCAD.

    However I think many long time users will turn off all the new UI stuff and continue to use the command line, toolbars, and pull-downs. Just like many people turned off all the Windows XP eye candy and made it look like Win2000.

    See you back in a 3 or 4 years to see how close I was…

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