AutoCAD WS Contest

Autodesk’s linking app to allow iThings to connect to Project Butterfly is called AutoCAD WS. Never mind the “AutoCAD”, that’s just there to confuse matters. What does the “WS” stand for? William Shatner, perhaps?

There’s no official answer, but I thought it might be fun to run a contest for the most appropriate and/or amusing answer. I have some ideas of my own, but most of them are rude so I’ll keep them to myself.

Please just add a comment with your idea(s), up to 3 per person. When I have enough responses, I’ll run a poll. No prizes, this is just for fun.


  1. “Worshiping Steve”.

  2. Parsed ala Jeopardy:

    What is the AutoCAD version that the most recent US President Bush beta-tested?

  3. Nice entries, people! I’ll keep it open for another couple of days.

    David, I’m confused. Is that an entry?

  4. Entry-shmentry, that’s your decision. I just write the stuff.

    – Groovy man!

  5. Went South

  6. We’re (not) Sure

  7. AutoCAD Web Service

  8. (teenie) weenie screenie?

    I like the idea of a tablet with the whole plan set on a job site – but I don’t see doing it on a pod.

  9. Entries are now closed, poll coming up.

  10. To bad it’s closed.
    I also thought of Web Sphere or Work Sphere.

  11. Just more Web Shit slowing the working masses…

  12. Sounds like its going to be
    AutoCAD Without Stuff

  13. AutoCad WS – (Web Services)

  14. I thought is stood for “Wicked Stuff” or more appropriately, “Wicked Silly”.

  15. AutoCAD WS (Without Saying)

  16. They copied AutoCAd WS from AWS (Amazon Web Services ( where all these cad files stay!!!

  17. It is so clear – WorkShop

  18. Jef De Brabander

    WS stands for Workspace or Web Space

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