Autodesk is firing. No, wait! Hiring.

August 2012: Autodesk increases profits, but not as much as expected, and gets rid of 500 people. This sort of thing has happened before, resulting in the loss of good, skilled people, some with many years of priceless and irreplacable experience.

September 2012: Autodesk goes on a recruiting drive.

So, if you want to work for a company that will put you out with the trash the next time reality doesn’t quite match some financial analyst’s estimate, you know where to go. Good luck with that.


  1. Maybe they are beefing up staffing to create a new chm help system.

  2. Sadly, it’s never the financial analysts that get fired….

  3. since they are public, do we have access to records on who they fired and hired at all?

  4. I’ve seen that happen before at other places. Getting rid of the more “expensive” employees (ie. older, more experience workers) and/or the rabble-rousers (ie. union people), to replace them with younger, cheaper, quieter (happy to have any job at all) people.
    It’s stupid and it sucks.

  5. Good article in Desktop Engineering magazine about this and another company they bought. Carl Bass tries to explain the thinking behind it.

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